About Us

We first opened for business in 1990 as a sole trader, have grown over the years and became an incorporated business in 2003. We have been serving Herefordshire, adjoining Counties, and the rest of the UK, ever since.

Our clients include farmers, builders and associated trades, such as sub contractors, electricians, painter and decorators, plumbers, plasterers, etc. We handle motor vehicle and engineering repair based businesses, plus we cover a complete spectrum, such as hairdressers, consultancy contractors, shops, osteopaths, pub clients and more.

N R Evans is a practice that focuses on client satisfaction and personal services, with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Our Services

We take care of all of our client’s matters, saving you time and unnecessary concern.

At N R Evans, we don’t have standard packages that you need to fit into, we create a service specific to you and your needs.

We offer a full range of services on a personal basis, ranging from small local projects to national work, and everything in between.

Some of the many services that we can provide are:


All businesses, whether they are sole traders, partnerships or limited companies, require annual accounts to be prepared. We understand that all businesses are different and whether you are still maintaining paper records or have moved forward to online accounting, we can prepare your accounts, so that they are fully compliant with all legislation. We have been filing accounts and tax returns online to HMRC for many years and have kept up with the many changes throughout this time. We intend to move all our clients’ accounts over to online accounting over the next few months, via Quickbooks Online and we are keen to assist all clients with this major transition.


We are aware that clients maintain their accounting records in different ways, but due to Making Tax Digital for Vat and further proposed Making Tax Digital changes by HMRC from April 2023, we have already moved, or are moving our clients over to cloud accounting. Therefore, we can take over all of your needs to make things easier for you.


We have assisted our clients in maintaining their vat records for many years, which works well alongside the Making Tax Digital bookkeeping requirements. The digital presence is only going to keep advancing and we can take away all the worry by working closely with our clients.


We have been running our Payroll Bureau for a number of years and have seen many changes. These changes started with computer based payroll systems, the recent Real Time Information (RTI) implementation and now through to Auto Enrolment. These have all been a challenge, but we have successfully enabled a smooth transition for all our clients by taking the stress away for them.


We are here to assist with all matters involved with running your business and can advise on all things such as record keeping, cloud accounting, compliance and taxation. This also includes Landlords who run their residential or holiday lettings businesses.


We have many personal clients for whom we complete and submit their income tax returns online. This includes Company Directors through to anyone who receives pensions, share income, bank and building society interest, plus Landlords with rental income.


Incorporation had become more prevalent over recent years with even the smallest businesses forming limited companies. Whilst the introduction of the £2000 dividends allowance, plus the proposed increase in corporation tax rates, has reduced the benefit of incorporation, this is still something we can assist with. We take away all the work for the client and deal with the whole aspect of dealing with Companies House. More compliance through changes in Financial Reporting Standards (FRS) has to be implemented now and again we are dealing with this latest challenge through our accounting systems for our companies. HMRC also have proposed Making Tax Digital changes from April 2026.

Capital Gains

This part of the taxation system can cover a wide range of assets, from share disposals to rental properties and through to farm land and business premises. We can advise on all of this, so that clients know their liability positions before any disposals take place. There have been changes for disposals of rental properties or second homes, in that if any capital gains tax is due, it now has to reported on a special form, together with all relevant details within thirty days. The capital gains tax also has to be paid to HMRC, within thirty days. Only the client can set this up by dealing with it online to obtain a reference number, although we can then be instructed to become the Agent, to deal with the form etc., thereafter. A paper form can be obtained from HMRC, but this has proved troublesome to get.

Business Plans

This may include the best way of setting up your business, such as how you can trade as a sole trader, partnership or limited company, plus support and direction from us to implement the best way of accounting. Also, we can assist with the business plans if finance is being sought through lending institutions or financial advisors.

Making Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital for VAT has been active for a while now and HMRC have proposals to take the system forward, which is going to have a huge impact on how businesses will need to operate their accounting. Indeed, clients now need to be switched over to the MTD platform, as from April 8th 2021, due to the old existing platform ceasing to be available, although with some exemptions.

As from April 2023, quarterly reporting is going to be required for self-employed businesses and Landlords, who have income of over £10000. This could mean that up to six reports will have to be prepared and submitted for each business or property income – so this could be doubled, if someone has both a business and property income. This would be in addition to the normal vat return reporting as well, so it is crucial that clients agree to be set up, to cope with this change.

This will also mean the commencement of this reporting, whilst still having to complete and prepare accounts and tax returns for the previous tax year, which is going to be challenging, to say the least.

Making Tax Digital for Corporation Tax is also due to be implemented, but not before April 2026. However, we wish to move matters forward, to ensure a smooth transition.

Therefore, by working closely with us, we can ensure:-

**Clients are ready for this change through the use of cloud accounting, live bank feeds and automatic invoicing capture, the latter leading to less travel and time required to deliver records.

**More efficient working and taking away onerous and duplication of data entry.

**Quicker production of information for clients to utilise, including final accounts and tax returns.

**More interaction between us and clients, so that we keep in touch more frequently, including the use of our Iris OpenSpace secure portal, where digitally agreed copies of accounts and tax returns are stored, for the clients’ use at any time.

If you use other cloud accounting systems, which you wish to move from, or are finding difficult to understand, then we can simply import the information into QuickBooks Online. Otherwise, we can just deal with whatever cloud accounting system is already in use and take it over.

We are now committed to Making Tax Digital!

Our Team

Our staff are like family, we value our team and know that they go above and beyond for our clients.
Here is a little information to help you get to know us better.


Nigel Evans

Managing Director

Nigel started off his accountancy career when he was 16, catching 2 buses each way to reach his workplace in North Herefordshire. Nearly 40 years later, he is still very “hands on” with all aspects of the business, maintaining great personal and working relationships with clients, many of whom have been with the Practice from when it commenced in 1990.

He is proud to have encompassed all the changes over the years and is now meeting the forthcoming Digital Challenge head on.

Nigel was Treasurer of the Herefordshire Federation of Young Farmers Clubs for 15 years which helps maintain his links with the farming community.

He has always been involved in local sports clubs, playing football from a young age and continues to be involved with his cricket club. Following Manchester United everywhere has been replaced by trying to improve his golf swing, cycling and finding time to spin some vinyl on his decks.


Melanie Evans


Having helped with much of the business administration from the start, Melanie became a co-director when incorporation took place in 2003.

She has been involved in many local community projects and charitable work over the years and enjoys gardening, the theatre, keep fit and Pilates.

A keen member of her Book Club, there are always a number of books on the go. Melanie is a Friend of Hay Festival and is also from a farming background being an ex young farmer.


Janet Smith


Janet joined the business in 1999 and brought a wealth of accounting and financial experience with her from previously running businesses of her own in the London area.

Janet has been instrumental in developing both the Payroll Bureau and the VAT Area of the Practice and has a vast amount of knowledge of both. She has seen the business grow over the years and has encompassed the many changes from computers to the digital age.

Janet has been involved in local community work for many years and now loves looking after her grandchildren. She loves cricket and is very happy that her beloved Burnley F C are now established in the Premier League.


Isobelle Bevan


Isobelle commenced carrying out work for the company last year, due to our continued growth, having started to build up her own bookkeeping business.

Being a farmer’s wife, she is obviously knowledgeable about the farming industry and the hard work involved in running a farm.

Isobelle now assists in running the Payroll Bureau and getting to grips with the online accounting project. Another ex young farmer, she is also busy in local community matters.


Terry Bolton


Terry started her accountancy career aged 16 in North Herefordshire, where she first met and worked with Nigel.

She has worked in accountancy practice ever since for over 35 years and has a vast knowledge in all types of business.

Terry joined the company in September 2019, on a part time basis.

She spends her spare time taxiing her 17 year old daughter around the countryside and looking after their various animals, including sheep and goats. She also enjoys following Moto GP and travelling.

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If you would like more information or to talk to us about any of our services, give us a     call  or use the contact form and we will respond to you as soon as possible.